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Principles of Limited Government

The purpose of a legitimate government, as set forth in our Declaration of Independence, is to secure our God-given, inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its legitimate purposes don't including telling us how to live, confiscating and redistributing our earnings to other people or causes, or intervening in the internal affairs of distant nations. 

Under the leadership of both major parties, our federal government has grown grotesquely large, has become far too invasive in our daily lives, has failed to live within its means, and now poses the biggest threat to our personal liberty.  Making it smaller in almost every way, so that it better adheres to its original limited purposes, is how we begin to dig ourselves out of the financial and cultural messes the two parties have created for us. 

The four bedrock principles I will bring to Congress are

  1. More Personal Freedom
  2. More Economic Freedom
  3. Speak Softly, Carry a Big Stick
  4. Follow the Constitution

Click on each to learn more. 

Also, click here to read my take on deficit spending. It's more than bad economic policy -- generational theft is a sin!

I intend to go to Washington DC in search of common ground with Members of Congress regardless of their political affiliation. It matters not one whit to me which side "gets credit".  Solving problems that impede our freedoms will be my daily objective.

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