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Meet Bob King

Bob King is a native Texan, born in Dallas, and he worked most of his career as a corporate finance and nonprofit executive in Houston.  Bob moved to New Braunfels in 2012, and has been semi-retired since 2020, volunteering at his church, at the Comal Senior Center, and at a border ministry in Del Rio.

Bob has been married to his wife Julie for 38 years, and together they have two grown sons.

He has degrees in economics and finance from Southern Methodist University, where he was a Phi Beta Kappa and an honors graduate.

Bob has had two rewarding careers in his life that have uniquely prepared him to be your representative in Washington: 

  • First, as a banker and an oil and gas financial executive, which taught Bob the value of free markets, and how businesses are hindered from hiring more workers when they are tied down by excessive government regulation.
  • Second, as a non-profit leader, which impressed upon Bob the imperative to find better ways to support those who truly need help in this difficult economy.

You can see a chronology of Bob's career and social engagements by going to his LinkedIn page.

Bob's faith is deeply Christian; Jesus taught us to love one another (something we don't often see reflected in our elected leaders of either party today).  Loving God means serving the least of our brothers and sisters, and dealing with each other with a spirit of grace and tolerance.  As evidence of Bob's faith, he and his wife are members of a Christian health care sharing ministry, eschewing government and the giant insurance companies for their health care funding. ("We trust God and 80,000 Christian families," Bob said. "We don't need to rely on government when there are better solutions in the private sector.")

He is a strong believer in maximum liberty through minimum government; and he believes that diligently following our Constitution is the blueprint for how we find a way to overcome our vast differences as Texans and Americans. 

Some personal history:

Bob played on a Texas state championship football team way back when. Lessons learned from his coach, Oscar Cripps, formed a foundation of purposeful living for Bob and his teammates, with whom he remains close to this day.

He once played golf to an 11 handicap, but that was before his dermatologist took away his golf clubs.

Bob once completed a 100 mile bicycle ride (in six and a half hours) from Katy to Shiner, and participated in the Houston Police Bicycle Relay team's ride from Houston to Lake Tahoe.  (Admittedly, those rides were a few years back.)

His pastimes include trying to keep his lawn green, American history (his favorite topics are the American Civil War and the JFK Assassination), listening to old Bob Wills music, and watching college football (PonyUp! and Geaux Tigers). 

Bob's quest to get beyond intermediate Spanish seems to have stalled; but Bob loves to visit colonial Mexican towns (Guanajuato, San Miguel, Querétaro, Aguascalientes) to practice the language, to enjoy the charming culture, and to visit with the wonderful people.

Bob's "dork factors" include his compulsion to re-arrange the contents of the dishwasher, and the fact that he can identify about 40 college fight songs in the first bar or two.

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