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Bob King for Texas-21 

We've been told our whole lives that we only have two choices on Election Day. That has come to mean that our real decision very often is which of the two is the least-worst.  People are now voting more on the hatred stoked by social media, cable news, talk radio, journalistic hit pieces and negative ads.  It almost doesn't matter what your candidate is FOR.  It's just about which candidate you are against. 

But wouldn't that calculus change if you were allowed a third alternative, one who is looking to solve problems, who doesn't seem to hate anyone, and who listens because he knows he doesn't know everything?  Then you'd have a candidate you could vote FOR, instead of voting AGAINST the thing you've been trained to hate.

Never in our lifetimes has there been more disgust with the two major parties and their unwillingness to find common ground and solve problems. And never in our lifetimes has there been such a thirst for a new option, one that isn't there to blame the other guy, but to find solutions to the problems we have created for ourselves.

Well, here's one new option.

Here you will learn about Bob King, the Libertarian Party candidate for US Congress, Texas 21st district.  Learn about his independent-mindedness, his love for the Constitution, his freedom-oriented principles, and some of his big ideas for solving problems the two major parties don't want to address.

We challenge you to break out of the pattern of thinking how you are told to think, and doing what you are told to do in the voting booth.  #ThinkDifferent.  #VoteDifferent.

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