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How is Bob King Different?

There is no point to running a campaign against the two major parties unless you are different. Trying to be the same violates Einstein's maxim about insanity.

We have been electing Democrats and Republicans to Congress our whole lives, and this is where it has gotten us: an enormous bureaucratic State, massive debts, border chaos, infringements of our rights, and seemingly endless wars. Continuing to elect them, and expecting anything to change, surely is insanity.

So how is Bob King different, and how will putting him in Congress improve your life?

Experiences. Bob is not from the DC swamp. He is not a career political operative, nor is he a bureaucrat. Bob is a Texan -- born here and lived his whole life here -- and he has a combination of experiences in the business and the nonprofit worlds that uniquely qualify him to seek solutions to problems that Congress has allowed to fester for decades. His vote will not be controlled by party bosses, but rather by his principles.

Tone. Bob doesn't have to go to Washington hating anyone. Hating each other is a major reason we are in this mess. Bob will work cooperatively with anyone, of any party, who legitimately desires to make progress towards his objective of more liberty and less government. Sometimes that will be Democrats, and sometimes that will be Republicans. Bob wants to restore civility and productivity to the House of Representatives. A more civil tone can make it easier for us to solve more problems.

Solutions, not grievances. Bob knows that he would not be sent to DC by the voters to complain. That's the voter's role. Bob will seek common ground with others of good faith, of whatever party, to find solutions that make the lives of everyday citizens better. A lot of partisans who inhabit the Congress today have no intention of solving anything. Complaining is easy. Solving problems is difficult. And it requires the intent and ability to listen to others, to avoid adding unnecessary rancor. It can be done, but not if Congress is full of extremists who are there only to exploit power for selfish reasons. Bob will be going to DC to solve problems.

Principles. Bob's principles are clear, simple, and laid out for all to see in this website. Fundamentally, he wants less government and more freedom. Less government intrusion into your ability to live peacefully and to make decisions about your life and your family; less over-regulation, confiscatory taxation and spending by a behemoth central government that wastes more money in a day than most of us will make in a lifetime; a less interventionist foreign policy that keeps us out of unnecessary wars; and lastly, true allegiance to the US Constitution, at all times, whether it serves the current purpose or not.

Bob invites you to dive into this website as deeply as you want. His independence from the two major parties gives him the ability to say what he truly thinks. If you don't understand where Bob stands on an issue, use the Q&A button below to send a question. He will answer it. His opponents won't.

#ThinkDifferent, #VoteDifferent. Vote for Bob King for Congress in Texas-21.


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