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Why am I running for Congress?

Friends and Neighbors,

I'm running for Congress because, unlike my opponents, I want to solve problems, and I won't care who gets the credit.

1. I want to eliminate giant DC bureaucracies and thereby end budget deficits.  Eliminate some, slash the budgets of all, and disperse the remaining bureaucracies to the four corners of the USA. This will result in lower inflation, lower interest rates, more private sector jobs and lower taxesClick here to read how.

2. I want to strengthen our border against ILLEGAL immigration NOW, so that one day we will once again have faith in the LEGAL immigration we need.  End the provisional asylum program until we toughen our border enforcement, and work through the unaccounted for millions who have arrived in recent years under this dubious program. But have simplified, broadened LEGAL immigration already passed and just waiting to be implemented when we have achieved our clean-up goals.  This gets both sides paddling in the same direction on border enforcement.  Click here to read how.

3. I want to establish a right to privacy in the US Constitution that keeps government out of our bedrooms, out of procreation decisions when the life of a baby who could survive outside the womb is not at stake, and out of parenting decisions of law abiding parents. This will allow all of us to be the masters of our own lives and of the creation and raising of our familiesClick here to read how.

4. I want a country that does a far better job of meeting the needs of the poor.  We can do this by turning the power of the private sector loose on the problem, getting wasteful, ineffective and corrupt government redistribution out of the way. Tax credits -- instead of deductions -- for safety net contributions, would redirect billions of dollars to the solutions of these problems.  Click here to read how.

5. I want to reawaken in the country a stronger commitment to federalism, allowing Texas to be Texas, California to be California, and the people to vote with their feet. This will reduce the rancor in our country and perhaps stave off the civil instability that the two major parties are now creating for us.  Click here to read how.


Deeper Discussion:

We are a nation with $34 trillion in funded, interest-bearing indebtedness, and with an additional $80 trillion present value of future unfunded entitlement promises. That $114 trillion in total debt, which is growing every day, equates to $690,000 in debt per taxpayer! This has occurred because the ruling politicians of both parties have, since the 1960s, discovered that they can spend 100% of what they raise in taxes plus 100% of what they can borrow from future generations who either i) aren’t yet alive, ii) are alive but cannot yet vote, iii) can vote but do not yet care, or iv) care but believe they can extend the Ponzi scheme of deficit spending onto the backs of yet another generation.

There is a word for this: stealing!  It is generational theft, pure and simple, and it is a sin! It is a violation of the seventh commandment:  Thou shalt not steal.  Yet Republicans and Democrats do it every year, because they are convinced that voters won't hold them accountable.

Annual Federal spending is running far ahead of revenues, and politicians are added $1.7 trillion to the government debt load in the most recent fiscal year. Since the late 1990’s, deficits have been generated whether Congress or the White House is controlled by the Democrats or the Republicans. Neither party has the moral courage to address this. The situation is unsustainable and demands radical accountability to preserve the value of our currency, which is key to the value of our lifetime savings and investments.

Failure to correct this will result in an economic calamity that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic, and which will invite more authoritarian control than we would have ever imagined.

We can no longer resolve the problem by nibbling at the edges. A responsible generation of Americans must step up and make very dramatic changes to reign in a Federal government that has behaved irresponsibly, put all of our families’ futures in mortal jeopardy, and becomes more authoritarian (on both sides of the existing political duopoly).

Most Republicans and Democrats have proven over and over that they are not fit to solve this problem, precisely because they are the authors of this problem. They have elevated their partisan fights above the interests of the country.  And my Republican opponent is the poster boy of this dysfunction.

The major parties and their allies in big business, big media, and big academia are bound together to preserve their power at the expense of the people, who are being marginalized economically and politically.

It will be my objective to find common ground with those few Members of Congress who actually want to solve problems, regardless of their party affiliation. It will matter not one whit to me who gets credit for a legislative accomplishment. I will work with Democrats and Republicans who want to increase the freedoms that Americans will enjoy.

Only an awakening among the people, reasserting itself as the masters of government rather than vice versa, can change the path that we are on. Constitutional libertarian principles can save us from the coming economic and political slavery that awaits our children and grandchildren if we continue to fail them.

I hope you will consider voting for me, and supporting me financially so I can get my message out to all of Texas-21.  In me you are getting a third choice, something very different than what you have been fed by our political system since the days of Ross Perot.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.



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