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More Economic Freedom

You should have maximum freedom to earn a living and enjoy the fruits of your labor, free from unnecessary government interference or excessive taxation.

The Federal government is far too intrusive into our economic lives. It spends absurdly huge amounts of our money, having built massive, inefficient and corrupt bureaucracies that are unresponsive to elected leaders. It imposes enormous tax burdens on hard-working citizens, in violation of the principle that Americans have always held dear: that the product of your work is YOURS.

And despite all-time highs in tax receipts, our Federal government has still seen fit to overspend, resulting in an interest-bearing national debt of $34 trillion! This amounts to stealing from our children and grandchildren, and is more than inflationary, more than bad economic policy, IT IS SINFUL.

We must act and we must act now to cut these massive deficits and return our Federal government to far lower levels of spending -- amounts that are some $2 trillion a year below where we are currently spending.  It won't be easy, and a lot of special interests will cry in the process.  No parts of the government can be exempt.

Neither of the two major parties wants to talk about it ... but I will, because I care about the future of my yet-to-be-born grandchildren. 

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Kristin Abel, Treasurer
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