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I will bring a consistent application of the principles of liberty and the US Constitution.  In contrast, my opponents are near-perfect examples of the worst of what each party brings to the table: 

  1. An arch-conservative career politician who supports a big government that
    • would violate the sovereignty of Mexico rather than work with them peacefully to solve drug and border issues;
    • is anxious to intervene in selected foreign wars;
    • would deny a woman's right to choose an abortion even in the first weeks of a non-viable pregnancy; and
    • will continue to divide Americans with angry and hateful rhetoric.
  2. An arch-progressive young bureaucrat who supports a big government that
    • continues to encourage the disorderly flow of thousands of illegal migrants into the country every day;
    • is anxious to intervene in selected foreign wars;
    • guarantees a woman's right to choose an abortion even in the last weeks of a viable pregnancy; and
    • violates the basic freedoms of Americans to choose how to respond to COVID, or of physicians to advise their patients without fear of government retribution.
One is the poster child for Republican dysfunction in Washington DC, the other is the poster child for Democrat central planning and micromanagement of our lives.

If you vote for Bob King, you will get neither a career political operative trying to advance his career in a congressional district far from his home, nor a young "genius" who believes her Ivy League education makes her fit to tell Texans how to live their lives.

I am a retired businessman and nonprofit exec who just wants to look my sons in the face and tell them that I tried to do something to fix this disaster we have been given by the duopoly in DC.  While these two parties are ripping our country apart, I pray that a return to the founding principles of LIBERTY IN ALL THINGS, not just liberty in some things, is what we desperately need, and that together we can turn down the temperature in this country before it boils over into something dreadful.

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Kristin Abel, Treasurer
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