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Solution #4:  A Right to Privacy Amendment

Parents, not government, should be free to create and raise families as they see fit. A simple Right to Privacy Amendment can guarantee that.

There is more to a Right to Privacy than just the abortion issue.

From 1973 (Roe v Wade) until 2022 (Dobbs v Jackson), America operated under the presumption that there existed in the Constitution a "right to privacy" in sexual, procreation and family matters.  Even though sending the issue back to the States may have a proper decision from a jurisprudence point of view, Dobbs has the adverse effect of taking that happy presumption away.  

I'm not saying Dobbs was a bad ruling.  A right to privacy wasn't in the Constitution.  It was nowhere to be found.

However, the vast majority of Americans believe in a right to privacy, and that if there isn't one written, there should be.  This is not a left vs right issue.  All sides would benefit from a constitutional right to privacy.  So why haven't we defined it?

The answer is that extremists on both sides of the abortion debate, like my opponents, have no interest in finding a solution.  They raise way too much political money pandering to the extremist 10% on each side, and as a result, we never make progress.

If elected, my first act will be to introduce a constitutional amendment defining sexual, reproductive and parental rights, as follows:

The rights of (i) consenting adults to have privacy in the pursuit of happiness in domestic relationships, (ii) parents to have dominion over decisions affecting the creation (excluding the abortion of any unborn children capable of sustained life outside the womb) of families, and (iii) parents or other legal guardians to have authority over the disciplining of and healthcare and education decisions for minor children (provided that the States can still define and punish child abuse), shall not be abridged.

This amendment gives us a written definition of our right to privacy, which we need, and it would be acceptable to all but the extremes on both sides of the abortion issue.  Why hasn't it been offered up by Republicans and Democrats?  Isn't it obvious?

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